Our client, leaders in construction, is looking to add an Estimator to its team in Montreal.

Reports To: Director of Estimation

Nature and Scope:

Construction estimating is one of the most important tools a contractor must perfect. An accurate estimate of the cost of a project is integral to the placing of competitive bids and budgeting. An inaccurate estimate can mean lost bids or worse, lost money on the project.

The key to an accurate, professional construction estimate is information. A contractor must take into account each type of expense involved before making a bid on a project. In many cases, this involves compiling large amounts of data from numerous different sources, then creating a single document or series of documents laying out all the details in a formal offer that is easy to understand and track.

Primary Responsibilities:

A construction project begins with the decision by Senior Management to submit a bid in response to a request-for-proposal. After receiving the client’s request, Management reviews the various preliminary drawings, specifications, terms of reference, scope and complexity before they assign the project to the Estimation department. In preparing the estimate, site visit(s) are planned as required to scope-out the assignment.

  • The Estimator will perform various takeoffs, which involve completing standard estimating forms (manually or electronically) that will be provided. Although subcontractors will estimate their own costs as part of their own bidding process, the estimator will thoroughly analyze bids by each subcontractor to ensure their accuracy as well as their competitiveness. Additionally, the estimator must factor in issues concerning equipment needs, sequence of operations, crew size and physical constraints at the site. Allowances for the waste of materials, inclement weather, shipping delays and other factors that may increase costs also must be incorporated in the estimate.
  • On completion of the quantity survey(s), the estimator prepares a cost summary for the entire project or parts of the assignment, including costs of labour, equipment, materials, subcontracts, overhead, taxes, insurance, markup, and any other costs that may affect the project. The bid proposal is reviewed with the Director Estimating/Construction, subsequently with senior management and then forwarded to the client.
  • The estimation software is an integral part of the estimation process. Estimating often involves complex calculations requiring advanced computations. The incumbent uses the company’s database containing information on costs, sub-trades and information of similar projects completed. The program will eventually produce the necessary documentation with the help of word-processing and spreadsheet software, which the estimator will need to utilize and manage.
  • To expedite an assignment’s preparation, the Estimator must develop and foster communications with all levels of personnel, sub-trade resources to gather all necessary information and suggestions needed to prepare the company’s service-offer.


  • 5+ years experience working as an estimator
  • Strong leadership skills

Salary based on experience $45,000-$60,000

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